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Environmental and ecological aspects of first generation genetically modified crops regarding their impacts in a European maize producer country
azonosítási szám:6039
szerző(k):András Székács and Béla Darvas
kulcsszavak:AMPA; Ambrosia artemisiifolia; András Székács; Bacillus thuringiensis; Béla Darvas; Cry toxin production; Cry toxin resistant insects; Cry toxins; DBHA; Diabrotica virgifera virgifera; Dipel; European Food Safety Authority; Fusarium; GM-maize; Helicoverpa armigera; Inachis io; MON 810; MON 863; Monsanto; Ostrinia nubilalis; SYN-BT11; Sorghum halepense; Urtica; atrazine; bla; bromoxynil; coleopteran resistant; cross-pollination; epsps; gat; genetically modified crops; glufosinate; glyphosate tolerant; glyphosate tolerant weeds; gox; hepatorenal toxicity; immune modulant; industrial agriculture; integrated pest management; lepidopteran resistant; monoculture-based cultivation; national moratoria; nptII; pat; pest resistance; protected butterflies;
rövid leírás:The success of the first generation of genetically modified (GM) crops for plant protection purposes in the US has not been followed by similar progress in Europe, where cultivation represents only 3‰ of the overall worldwide GM cultivation area.